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 Neo Klima – Elios has been recently developed. In 1981 the residents of Palio klima moved to this location. 

 Neo Klima-Elios on Sopelos island is superb for visitors. The warm hospitality of its residents and its beautiful beaches make it an excellent choice for a vacation. The village also has a playground, a basketball court and a football field. There are restaurants, taverns and cafes along the waterfront, which overlook the marina for boats.

 Close by is Mt. Delphi, at 680m, the highest mountain on the island. Like most of Skopelos, It is wooded with pine trees and has many trails perfect for hiking.

  Neo Klima-Elios is on the southwest coast of Skopelos, which has the best beaches on the island. Besides the town beach and Hovolo, which are in walking distance, there are Armenopetra, Milia, Panormos and Limonari which are 2, 4, 6 and 10 kms away on the same coast.

 Of special interest is the church Aghios Giannis Kastri. It is the church featured in the movie MAMA MIA. It is 7 km an the north coast, and there is a sandy beach, too.

  Neo Klima – Elios is 7 km from the town and port of Glossa-Loutraki and 18 km from the town and port of Skopelos.



Hovolo Beach

Skopelos Town

Aghios Giannis Kastri

Panormos Beach